In the “Adventures” text, at one point the IT team was trying to determine which of three vendors to contract with regarding the replacement for the NetiFects contract. This occurs in chapter 14. Please re-read that chapter to familiarize yourself with the content.

Give your own personal assessment of the three vendors’ proposals, using the information in the text as well as the Vendor Assessment Matrices given at the end of the chapter. In your assessment, I am specifically interested in the following:

1) In the list of functional criteria from the Vendor Assessment Matrices, list the two criteria you feel are most important and why.

2) Do the same with the list of qualitative criteria. List the two most important to you and explain why.

3) List your preferred vendors in order of first, second and third, with first being most preferred. Explain why your first choice is better than the others, and why your third choice is worse than the others.

4) Come up with one improvement for the Vendor Assessment Process that is not present and explain why you feel it would be an improvement.

Feel free to add anything else you feel is relevant.


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