This essay will be based on a nonverbal analysis of a conversation. You will observe a dyad interacting either in real life or on TV without sound. You will then explain the conversation’s nonverbal interactions through an analysis of verbal communication.
For full credit, you must incorporate AT LEAST 6-8 terms introduced in the course content. Please highlight all the terms you have chosen to incorporate in your submission. You will be evaluated on how well you use and analyze terminology.
Write a short 2-3 pages double spaced.
You will be graded on content and how well you understand the course material, reasoning and how well you synthesize the concepts of nonverbal communication covered in class. You are required to refer to at least 6 terms from the course chapters. Highlight terms to make it clear to me your selected terms for discussion.
Proper grammar and spelling is crucial and will be a part of your grade.
Format: margins 1’, 12pt. font, double spaced.
You should refer to content reviewed in class. And, sources must be cited.
References must be included in a separate reference list.
Follow APA or MLA style.
There is no need for abstract.
There is no need for title page.
Submit a single word file (.doc) document format or PDF(.pdf) document format.


The essay should illustrate exemplary understanding of the course material by thoroughly and correctly: (1) addressing the relevant content; (2) identifying and explaining all of the key concepts/ideas; (3) using correct terminology; (4) explaining the reasoning behind key points/claims; and (5) (where necessary or useful) substantiating points with several accurate and original examples.

The essay needs to reflect expert reasoning by: (1) synthesizing material; (2) making connections between relevant ideas/claims/points; (3) presenting an insightful and thorough evaluation of the relevant issue or problem; (4) identifying and discussing important nuances in the relevant material; and (5) identifying and discussing key assumptions and/or implications.

The essay should be clear, and concise as a result of: (1) appropriate and precise use of terminology; (2) absence of tangents (unrelated concepts and opinions) and coherence of thoughts; and (3) logical organization of ideas and thoughts. (4) complete sentences, free of spelling errors and uses correct grammar, (5) follows correct formatting style, (6) falls between the minimum and maximum page requirement (2-3 pages double spaced)


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