Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the Coronavirus outbreak, it has been necessary to alter the format of the capstone assignment. You will no longer be required to write a 1,000-word essay proving your thesis.  Rather than a thorough analysis of how we know what we know about your event, you will demonstrate your understanding of class concepts by describing their application to your selected event. For each of the class concepts listed below, describe in 1-3 sentences how they serve as a lens for understanding your event. You don’t have to worry about your thesis, just the event you have selected. Also, you will not be graded for writing quality, MLA format, or use of media. The only thing that will be graded is making the connections between your event and class concepts.

The class concepts are:

  1. Rhetoric

  2. Critical Perspective

  3. McLuhan’s concept of the medium is the message and the Global Village.

  4. Secrecy and revelation

  5. Fake news

  6. Social media

Remember, that’s 1-3 sentences for each concept.

If a class concept does not apply to your event, briefly explain why. However, it is likely that rhetoric and the Critical Perspective apply to everyone’s event.


Events chosen for the capstone must have taken place after October 31, 2019 and and before March 1, 2020. Using an event that falls outside this date frame will result in an automatic zero.

This is the event I have chosen:

Coronavirus broke out on January 30, 2020. It has had both a powerful effect on global economies and health. This has formed into a global epidemic that is evolving daily. The Coronavirus has spread from country to country causing schools to make accommodations for students such as canceling long awaited study abroad programs and transferring to online classes. The way the mainstream media handled the story was sensationalistic and created panic.


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