You have been asked by your boss to weigh in on whether Instagram advertising or search engine advertising through Google would be a better use of company funds. Your boss has provided her opinion on the matter:

Pictures on Instagram are just more compelling than little blocks of text in a search engine’s results." You need to gather data and assess the potential solutions on your own. For this discussion, please answer the following:

  1. What data and metrics would you need to evaluate Google search engine advertising effectiveness?
  2. What data and metrics would you need to evaluate Instagram’s advertising effectiveness?
  3. Take the time to research the two options and gather some real data. What would you recommend to your boss? Why?

It is required to respond to my post and to a minimum of 2 of your classmates’ posts by 11:59 PM on Saturday. Additionally, please pay attention to your spelling and grammar! Finally, you will not be able to see other posts until after you have created your own thread to respond to the items above.


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