Read the scenario below. This is not the scenario you will use in Project 1, although it has a similar shape.

Here is the scenario with which you are working. Read the following and draft the requested correspondence.

The Scenario

You are the product manager of Dynaflow, a tool and dye company that makes parts for medical equipment suppliers. Your team includes people from several different countries and often collaborates online using Slack. One week ago, in a Slack channel, one of your team members, Neelam Cottrell, posted a meme that another team member, Maryam Huff, found offensive. As an international team, cultural sensitivity is vital to productively collaborating. You have had a one-on-one conference with Neelam Cottrell regarding the offense. You also have written an apology to Maryam Huff. Additionally, you have scheduled everyone on your team for Diversity and Inclusivity Training. Now you must report to your boss, who takes equality and inclusivity very seriously.

Write a correspondence to your boss explaining the situation and your actions.

After you have all read the scenario, select which genre of correspondence you will write (i.e., email, memo, letter). For that correspondence you will complete and submit the following two things:


Pre-Writing: Perform a PAD analysis (Purpose, Audience, and Design) of your chosen correspondence by answering the following questions:


Drafting: After you have done your PAD analysis, draft the correspondence (see next assignment).


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