Did any of the varied philosophies surprise you? Did you find that any components ‘spoke’ to you although you didn’t initially think you would agree with that philosophy? Do you think any philosophies spark changes in educational practice or instructional models over time?

Your answer should be a concise and detailed analysis of Petrovic, J. E., & Mitchell, R. M. (2018). Comparing reflections on philosophies of indigenous education around the world. In Indigenous Philosophies of Education around the World, pp. 249-263. Academia. https://www.academia.edu/35861136/Introduction_to_Indigenous_Philosophies_of_Education_around_the_World_

Please highlight specific areas of this presentation that resonated with you, spoke to you or held a deeper meaning. I would really appreciate it if you (the tutor) has a strong background in indigenous philosophy and south African education post-apartheid (from a philosophical and/or academic standpoint), as this will enable you present a more ”original voice” and personal argument on the topic, without only depending on the reading reference that I have provided above. Remember that this is a reflective essay or answer, so one needs to be well vested in the topic of discussion so as to have a deeper view of the surrounding perspectives. The last part of the question needs your opinion on if philosophies in general spark changes in educational practice or instructional models over time. I would really appreciate an honest and elaborate answer. Please give this your best shot, I would really appreciate it, and also need to have it in on time so I can build up my own presentation for submission within the next one to two hours. (If there are any other references to support your reflections on this topic please go ahead and use them, with proper citing too) Many thanks!


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