In this paper you will define what you think are the three most important concepts from this class and explain how each one will guide your own judgments and decisions moving forward, using a specific example. The Personal Philosophy of Leadership Paper is to be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, in Time New Roman 12-point font. The paper should include a references section and in-text citations in APA format.

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on everything we’ve covered this semester and consider what you are most likely to “take with you” on your own leadership journey. According to Speranza and Pierce (2019), “A leadership philosophy is written from a personal perspective; as such, self-awareness is imperative for an individual to author a truthful philosophy.” As you work on this paper, think about your own goals, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and morals and values. What do you truly value and believe in, so that when you are in a position of leadership you are able to make tough decisions, act with courage, and choose the best path forward?

Writing a leadership philosophy is not an easy task! When examining your values, beliefs, and expectations, you may discover that you have so many that it is difficult to narrow down what should be included! Here are some questions to help you reflect and focus your leadership philosophy:

You can refer to the book Through the Labyrinth by Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carl and my class notes.
Below you can find class notes based on the specific chapters I would like for you to focused on. Please let me know if you need more information about me or the class. Thank you.
Chapter 1: Is There Still a Glass Ceiling?
In my view the metaphor glass ceiling is most fitting to me. Many years ago, females did not have most of the rights we have today. Such as voting. Even though we have obtained many rights we continue to face struggles and obstacles in society. I have faced the invisible upper limit corporations and organizations have in place. I have been denied promotions. As a result, it is impossible for women to rise in the ranks. Society see a female leader as a stigma. They fear the unknown and are not willing to grant us the opportunity to demonstrate that we can balance an executive position, a household and many more. Making it difficult for us women to break the barriers that prevent us from obtaining promotions, pay raises, and further opportunities of growing.
Chapter 4: Do Family Responsibilities Hold Women Back?
After reading this week’s chapter and articles, I agree with the article titled Women at the Top because a female leader should have in a place a family and spousal support system. I find this to be fundamental for a female leader in order to be able to balance the combination of having a career and a personal life. I can relate with this situation. Five years ago, I worked for a big organization. I began as a receptionist and raised up the ladder becoming a branch manager for private clients. The male coworkers with less seniority than me escalated up the ladder of success faster than me. Eventually bypassing my seniority. Time passed and I saw how my name was never considered for a higher position. Being a single mother, the board of directors was afraid that I could not fulfill my job responsibilities and manage my personal life. I was not granted the opportunity to see whether or not I was capable to manage both. For not having any support system to assist with my child while I try to make my way up the ladder at a time in my life, I had to see how others were promoted. Then I realized that it was not possible to succeed in my professional career and as a mother. I self-assessed and came to the conclusion that the nanny was the one who was raising my son. Eventually I resigned. I now have a job that provides a flexible schedule that allows me to meet my responsibilities as a mother. For this reason, I agree with Anne Marie Slaughter when she states in the video how it’s not possible to have it all if you want to be present and see your children grow up.
The most important for me from the readings is that it’s hard to manage a successful professional life as well as a personal life with a family and children. A female leader can do that and more with the proper support. Society needs to stop stereotyping females. That women only serve to tend to a house and raise children. The gender of a person should not be a factor in whether or not a person can be a great leader.
Three Questions:
1. As a female leader; Who inspired you and why?
2. As a female leader; Do you experience resistance when you are leading men?
3. What is some of the advice to share with young women entering a male dominant profession?
Chapter 5: Is Discrimination Still A Problem? Pay Equality
After reading this week’s assignments, my opinion on the gap in pay between men and women is that it is outdated. Male chauvinistic practice designed to keep women from progressing. Women today work twice as much as if not more than men. In addition, women in today’s society are far more educated and are able to compete in the workforce for salaries that are higher paying on equal males. The pay rate that has been implemented is an abused outdated practice to keep women stranded. There needs to be more conversations and change in policy and procedures to create a fair chance for women to earn what they are worth.
Chapter 9: Do Organizations Compromise Women’s Leadership?
 After this week’s assigned readings, I agree with a section of chapter nine about “Reducing Tokenism”. When I started working for my previous employer, I knew I obtained the position because I was Hispanic, not because I was qualified to fulfill the job. I was obese and the only Latina among the other women in a room full of men. Due to my weight, behind my back my coworkers called me Miss Piggy. Although, I have always considered the idea of women supporting women my females’ coworkers also made fun of my appearance. After a while I lost a lot of weight and changed the way I dressed. My name changed from Miss Piggy to being called a “seductress” as described in chapter nine. My coworkers assumed my promotions were granted after my supposed affair with the company’s president. Although, this was a rumor without foundations it was a form of harassment and discrimination towards me.
I do not agree that women who obtain a leadership position are not provided with the same comforts that are provided to men. Women cannot have flexibility to have a successful work and personal life. This is part of society’s view on stereotype when they imagine a leader, they automatically assume is a man not a woman. Going forward I can incorporate this learning by identifying tokenism of women in the workplace because you do not see something it’s really hard to believe it. Women have achieved many milestones but there is still a long way to go. In unity women must continue to knocked down the obstacles because along the way they will find the same people who only want the same stereotype not different variety of women.
1. How does inequality manifest in the workplace?
2. How does social context influence our perceptions of class or gender?
Chapter 10: How Do Some Women Find Their Way Through The Labyrinth?
The reasons for women’s relatively slow ascension in the workplace have been a matter of considerable debate. After this week’s assigned readings, the challenges women face and negative stereotypes are misunderstood. The view that women are poor advocates for themselves persist. Women are afraid of negotiating for themselves. They possess unique advantages as negotiators including greater cooperatives and stronger ethics. In most cases those strengths are overlooked and undervalued forcing women to shut down and not advocate for what they are really worth. Women should continue to grow and achieve professional goals in leadership by bringing down the maze that is preventing further benefits or growth.
1. What can get in the way of a women to be able to feel authentic?
2. What is an appropriate counter offer for a job?


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