Resiliency comes in many different forms and at some point in life a person has encountered a situation where their resiliency was tested whether they were cognizant of it or not. In the case of 13-year-old Jazmine, her resilience had to develop very early in her life. She was a victim of repeated sexual abuse from a male relative, as well as receiving daily verbal and physical abuse from biological mother.

Presenting Problem

The presenting problem was that Jazmine was experiencing trust issues with all adults who were present in her life, became extremely defiant when given directives by any authority figure, and began to isolate herself.

Intervention to Promote Resiliency

To promote resiliency an intervention that was implemented was the use of in-home services. She refused to attend her therapy sessions but was able to build rapport with the services being provided in an environment where she felt comfortable. The transitions towards the treatment goals were achieved over an extended period of time, but she was able to start building trust, utilized positive coping responses to trauma-induced situations, and also built self-confidence.

Instrument of Choice

An instrument utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention would be the Resilience Scale for Children and Adolescents, (RSCA). RSCA focuses on 3 scales, Sense of Mastery, Sense of Relatedness, and Emotional Reactivity (Smith-Osborne & Whitehill, 2013). This would be appropriate because it would measure her ability to trust in adults as well as ability to form healthy relationships. It would also help gauge how well she recovers from upsetting events (Prince-Embury, 2008). The assessment would prove most beneficial if given at the beginning of the intervention to establish the baseline statistics, with another assessment provided towards the end of the treatment, or as treatment goals are set to expire. The data gathered at the beginning would be compared to the data in the second assessment to analyze any change that may have been achieved.


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