Prayerbook of the Queen, artist: Pucelle, France, Gothic period, the 1320s, 4 inches high For this unit’s discussion you will be writing about the object attached: 1. Pick a key term from the glossary. 2. Define the term using the glossary definition and explain where you see it or how it works in the object. For example, if you pick the term oil painting, tell us what an oil painting is and how the artist has used the medium (gestural brushwork, thick impasto, color palette, etc.). 3. Do not speculate or make assumptions about the object. Do additional research if necessary so that you know full details about the object before drafting your post. This will ensure you are using an appropriate key term. For example, if you apply the term printmaking to a painting, this is not applicable and your post will receive a zero. 4. Your post must be a short paragraph in length (min 150 words). 5. All sources used must be cited in the Chicago Style. Posts are checked for plagiarism and you will receive a zero if your post is flagged.


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