The purpose of this research paper is to apply the public policy process to another topic than those discussed in class.  The paper can be a portion of the policy process (i.e. Interest group struggle over vitamin supplement regulations) or an entire turn on the policy wheel (i.e. Legacy Parkway). 

The research paper is worth a large portion of your grade and you should plan on putting a lot of time and effort into your paper.  This is a research paper so plan on doing plenty of research.  You should have at least 6 sources.  Online research is acceptable, but take care to use only reputable sources.  You need to cite your work.  You can do it in whatever format you are comfortable with.

After you have completed your initial research you should ask yourself some of the following thought questions, they might not all apply to your paper.  These are just some ideas to help you in your process.

Many times the issue will have opposing sides as to the solution to the problem.  Please try to present both sides well, trying to keep your bias out of the paper.  This is a research paper, not an opinion piece.  Avoid using the first person in your research paper.

Papers should be 4-7 pages in length.  Make sure you cite all of your sources, in the document and at the end.  Please use correct grammar and spelling.

Please note what the paper will be graded on:

10 points for completing adequate research on the topic

5 points for applying the public policy concept to your topic

5 points for presenting different sides of the issue

5 points for correct grammar, including spelling, punctuation, the flow of paper, etc.

25 points total


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