This is just an analysis essay on a quote from Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” The quote that my professor wants us to analyze is: “Such at any rate, was Dorian Gray’s opinion. He used to wonder at the shallow psychology of those who conceive the Ego in a man as a thing simple, permanent, reliable, and of one essence. To him, man was a being with myriad lives and myriad sensations, a complex multi-form creature that bore within itself strange legacies of thought and passion, and whose very flesh was tainted with the monstrous maladies of the dead.” My professor wants convincing evidence of how this quote reveals an issue of social concern underscored in the text/relates to the text. What are the cultural themes and social conflicts that this quote may reveal from this text. This quote is on Chapter 11 (XI) on this website:


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