Assume you are conducting a study but having trouble recruiting participants. You can reach people, but they seem turned off by the time commitment and decline to participate. How might you address the recruitment problem while remaining ethical? Discuss at least one strategy to improve recruitment and at least two potential ethical concerns.

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The online discussions pose an opportunity for rich and meaningful student learning and interaction. Online discussions extend classroom learning by providing an asynchronous method of communication for the exchange of meaningful ideas that promote critical thinking and develop thoughtful reflective learning. All students are expected to participate in each weekly discussion. These forums will be grounded in critical thinking.
You are to develop an answer (minimum 250 words) concerning the question, and post your reply to the appropriate discussion section. In addition, you are required to respond to other students No minimum words for your responses to others. However, the response must be of a substantive nature, and not just “I agree”. This is the on-line version of class participation. Students are expected to participate, so be on time with your postings. You can post your answer and responses at any time prior to the stated deadlines. Because of the class interaction, no credit will be given if the post is not submitted in the week due. Although you can use other sources, you are required to also include information from the text. Note that you must post your initial answer before you are able to see the replies.

For each discussion question, you are required to post at least two responses (in addition to your original posting.) Your responses should be to two different students. Everyone in the course should receive feedback so please diversify your responses each week. The minimum requirements for Discussion board/forum:

On or before Wednesday: Post your original comment.
On or before Friday: Post your first response.
On or before Sunday: Post your second response.

Consider the following when you post: The first day of our week is Monday. The last day of our week is Sunday night at 11:55PM.
• Is the contribution mechanically clear enough for readers to understand the points being made?
• Is the contribution on time?
• Does the contribution meet the minimum length requirements?
• Does the contribution reference assigned readings or other resources?
• Does the post contain “critical thinking” that is indicative of the paradigms in the field?
• Are the ideas communicated with respect for those who may dissent?

Consider the following when you reply:
• Is the reply mechanically clear enough for readers to understand the points?
• Does the tone of the reply demonstrate respect towards the author of the original post?
• Does the reply inspire further discussion among the class?

Other things to consider:
• Please be professional and courteous.
• Online communication lacks the non-verbal cues that provide much of the meaning in face-to-face conversations. Choose your words carefully, phrase your sentences clearly, and keep your sentences and paragraphs brief.
• Review appropriate “Netiquette” at
• State the main topic of your posting in the Subject line.
• State your purpose for writing at or near the beginning of your message whenever possible.
• Proofread what you post. You may want to use a word processor to draft what you intend to say, check your spelling and grammar, and then paste your text into the Message section of your posting.
• Please do not use all capital letters. It makes it hard to read, and it comes across as though you were shouting.


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