For this assignment, you will be writing a blog post.

Choose from the following human resource topics:

What are the main factors that can increase employee loyalty?
Resolving conflicts in the workplace: How can employers and human resource managers manage cultural differences in an international company?
Recruiting from universities: Pros and cons
Should a company pay for its employees’ education?
Risks and opportunities for recruiting new team members
Human resource managers: Rules for selection, recruitment, hiring, and educating
Overqualified employees: What should an HR manager do with an overqualified employee?
Character types: How do they affect team building in a company?
The Department of Labor website has lots of current updates to human resource laws. Write a blog post that follows the blogging guidelines provided in the module videos. The post must be at least 250 words.

Watch video listed below.
How to write a blog post from start to finish | Neil Patel [Video]. YouTube.


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