Your paper will be comprised of 3 sections:  the retirement plan itself, a discussion section, and a question section.  Please use headings to help organize your paper.

Section 1: Dr. Walden’s 8-Step Retirement Plan (1.5 pages)

Section 2: Discussion (3.5 pages, reading files are attached)

Section 3: Thought Questions (2 pages)

Dr. Michael Walden’s Retirement Savings Procedure:

Example of the 8-step process:

Please note that I will use crazy numbers so that you will not be duplicating the example numbers.  Also, I expect to see more explanation and/or discussion within each step than I am showing.  Do not copy my example explanations word for word.  That is plagiarism and you will be penalized.

Using the Annualized Percentage Change formula, I see that I have averaged a 9.74% rate of return over the past 3 years.  

Using the real interest rate formula and 3% inflation, my real interest rate is 6.54%.  

The future value of this investment when I retire in 42 years is $17,654.  

I also have a Roth IRA that is worth $567.  According to my online statement, I see that I have averaged a 12.46% rate of return.  Using the real interest rate formula, I know that the real interest rate is 9.18%.  

The future value of this investment is $22,677.

(You may be able to find the average interest rate of your investment over the time period you have held it.  If so, just use that rate and use the real interest rate formula; you will not need to do the Annualized Percentage Changes formula.)


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