This is a Rhetorical Analysis essay and I do not have the time to finish this paper since I have other major assignments to attend to. I have included photos of the Rhetorical Analysis Questions which we can use to help answer questions on the essay if needed, along with the instructions of the essay (Rhetorical Analysis Assignment), and the Grading Rubric. My professor stated how we are writing this paper as if we were writing an email to him since he stated that this essay is meant for him, how we can persuade him with our essay on whether Matthew Yglesias central claim of article of “Not all ‘anti-racist’ ideas are good ones. The left isn’t being honest about this.” For instance, one central claim from this article that we discussed in class is that the anti-racist left should encourage debate about the scope of what’s considered racist. I also uploaded a photo of my handwriting where we discussed in class about the five canons of Rhetoric that can help with writing our rhetoric analysis essay. I’m honestly torn between in the middle of Y’s article (Y is Yglesias) so, I will leave it to you on your own statements for the agreement/disagreement with Yglesias’s claims are. I listed the link to the article below. By the way, if it helps, here is this link to our book that we purchased this semester to help out with our essays. It is called “They Say/I Say The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing” by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, the chapters we have read are Chapters 1, 7, and 9. I know my professor stated that there are templates in chapter 7 that can help us start our Rhetoric Analysis Essay. Here is a PDF link to the online book:


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