Your company has been ordered by OSHA to install new safety equipment in the main R&D laboratory. You have been asked by your boss to set up an Excel worksheet that allows you to investigate the effect that the following parameters have on the net present value (NPV) of the safety system:

Your boss will then change/edit the various system parameters to evaluate the system economics, etc. The system is expected to last 12 years.

IMPORTANT: For this analysis, please neglect depreciation!

The Assignment 3.2 file that is available has a “skeleton” for your analysis. It is very important that you set it up so that it updates in a “live” fashion. In other words, if the inputs in green are changed, the table should automatically update.


What you need to do is to fill out the table with Overhaul CostO & M, and PV columns. In addition, the net present value (cell E23) needs to be calculated correctly.



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