1) Research policies/ documents in Salt Lake City about urban forestry (800 words, at least 5 references needed)

Urban forestry refers to all processes and activities involved in planning, protecting, establishing, and managing trees, among other plants that are contained in a green space. In Salt Lake City, the plants and trees form an essential component of improving the air, providing shade, buffering the areas from noise, and enhancing the quality of water. When talking of the green space, Salt Lake City people refer to the trees on the street, parks, and trails. According to Boogaard, Salt Lake City’s urban forest comprises approximately 85,000 public trees, including 63,000 street trees and 22,000 trees found within the city parks and open spaces. One of the policies governing green spaces is that permits are required before any trees or plants are removed, pruned, or planted in public areas. The strategy has played an essential role in enhancing the value of properties, business success, and city revenue in the area through improved tree species selection, among other activities. 

According to the Salt Lake City urban forestry program, the city codes mandate that the trees be protected during the construction process. The protection and preservation of the green spaces is a strategy used to minimize the long-term maintenance and replacement costs. The policy demonstrates the link between low-income housing and the number of green spaces in specified areas. Before any construction commences, the city requires the constructors to accurately adhere to construction sites’ guidelines. For instance, when trees are on the park strip, a tree protection zone should be the park strip’s entire length from the curb to the sidewalk. The 2010 census report indicated that approximately 81% of Americans live in urban centers (Boogaard). The increase shows how urban forests have become a significant resource in the country. The city also has additional policies that guide how underground utility work and tree pruning is done.

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