The scent is being used increasingly in certain business contexts to create more pleasing customer experiences. By conducting some Internet research, you’ll quickly come to see that the strategic use of scent, in fact, is being used by at least some in the healthcare industry, with some applications being obvious and others less so.

For this particular Practitioner Application, assume that you are the Marketing Director of a diagnostic imaging center in the city of your choice. The center’s owner has asked you to investigate how the establishment could use scent to improve the patient experience. Your task is to investigate scent research, seeking insights regarding common applications, applications in general healthcare contexts, and applications which might be particularly helpful in diagnostic imaging contexts. Then, supply a report which communicates findings and suggests possible scent applications which have the potential to enhance the experiences of patients receiving services at the center.

The Submission Requirement

Your submission in its entirety must be between 1500-1800 words. 

Your submission must be supported by 4 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) references, with at least 3 being from scholarly academic journals. (If you cannot ascertain whether a journal does or does not qualify as scholarly academic, contact the Noel Library and request assistance.) References may be prepared using the style guide of your choice (e.g., APA, MLA); just be sure to consistently use the selected style.

In presenting your work, identify the title, your name and student ID number, and submission date at the top of your submission and supply the following sections, exactly as they appear below, placing each heading in bold text:

Assessment Criteria

Your submission will be assessed based on the following:


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