Analysis in the first phase of the assignment, you will consider two of the positions from the first half of the course and sort the authors’ claims from their evidence for those claims. Note that this is not a piece of formal writing, but I still expect clarity and accuracy.

A. Structure Your analysis will be in a highly structured form. A complete analysis consists of a) a direct response to the prompt given, starting with either ‘yes,’ or ‘no’; b)at least three pieces of textual support for the answer given in (a), where textual support’ means paraphrasing what the author says, and giving the corresponding page number in parentheses; c) a bibliography for that Analysis. each analysis must be on its page, and you must have a properly-formatted bibliographical entry at the bottom of the appropriate page. That does not mean a bibliography with two entries at the end of the document. It means a bibliography on the bottom of page one and another bibliography on page two.

B. ContentYou will analyze two of the course topics by choosing two of the following six prompts:

1. Does Descartes think that the Evil Demon can deceive us about our thinking?

2. Does Bostrom think we are living in a computer simulation?

3. Does Searle think that the person in his Chinese Room thought experiment understands Chinese?

4. Does Locke think that you are the same person when you walk out of a transporter?

5. Does Alcoff think that social identities are essential properties?

6. Does Frankfurt think that we are entirely determined?


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