Module 1 – The Role of the Support Worker Setting a SMART Goal Assignment /25 marks Your task is to create a SMART goal in any one of the following areas: academic, career, personal or financial. You may use your textbook to assist you in understanding SMART goals. Setting goals for yourself will help you manage time and stress. Your goals should give you direction and motivate you to take action. Instructions: List 10 goals in order of importance to you. For each goal, briefly breakdown that goal into the SMART sections. You may use the information below to clarify your goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.

*Final Question: Will you set this SMART goal for yourself after completing the assignment? Why or why not?


This assignment will be marked as per your instructor’s discretion on the following criteria:

  1. Guidelines were met and all questions answered appropriately
  2. Organization of written component
  3. Neatness and legibility


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