1. Between 5-6 corporations control 90% of media outlets–in the book, this is called an oligopoly. What are the consequences of this conglomeration? Also, what is NOT shown is as important that what is shown. With that in mind, find an issue/event that U.S. media does not cover (or did not cover).

2. On pages 173-174 (your book might show different pg.#’s; use yours), the Conflict Perspective of media is presented; in the first sentence it states, “…the conflict perspective focuses on the creation and reproduction of inequality–social processes that tend to disrupt society rather than contribute to its smooth operation.” In what way can you demonstrate that this is happening? For example: Fake News? Fake tweets, who is actually spreading disinformation? What are the ramifications? If you can, watch Social Dilemma on Netflix (not required).

3. Should Twitter accounts–and other platforms–decide which “accounts/pages, etc” are acceptable, and others unacceptable (and shut down)? Who is being shut down, why, and where do we draw the line? And, what are the consequences of companies having so much power?


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