Write a paper analyzing social factors that influence disease. Analysis Paper Components:

1) Introduce your paper. Identify and define the disease or medical condition that you chose.

2) Discuss the epidemiology of the disease.

3) Discuss the disease from the following two sociological perspectives on health: (1) Social Constructionism & (2) Causation versus Selection.

4) What are the available treatments for this disease? How much do these treatments cost? In other words, is the treatment affordable and what are the financial costs to the patient? How financially secure would a person have to be to survive this illness? What other resources might those from an upper socioeconomic status, or those with a higher level of education, have to prevent and combat this disease?

5) Conclusion: Provide a summary of your paper and discuss what you think the future trajectory (future outlook) of your disease will be. Briefly discuss the state of the current research on this disease. Does more research need to be conducted? Explain your answer.


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