As you saw from the lab PowerPoint slides last week, you will be doing a research study looking at “Social Loafing”, or Affect for your first paper. For this week’s discussion, I want you to discuss with your group what you think this study is about. There are five components to this discussion

1). What is the hypothesis? You can either give me the “gist” of the study here or copy them from the researcher instructions for Study One.

2). Do you agree with the predictions? That is, do you expect something different than the hypothesis in the researcher instructions? If yes, what and why? If no. justify why you think the predictions are inaccuratel?

3). Do you think this is a good, testable hypothesis (If no, what would be a better, more “testable” phrasing for the hypotheses)?

4). Do you see any ethical problems with this study? If so, how should you deal with those problems?

5). Finally, with your discussion group, assess your project, noting one thing different you would do if you had the chance to design a similar study on your own (Hint: You’ll get the chance to build a follow-up study to this Social Loafing study in a few weeks, so think about what you would do different right now and you may get the chance to follow through with that new study later in the semester).


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