Term Project
Strategic Personal Future Plan


Q) It encompasses all the steps of analysis and planning that have been covered in the course to develop Strategic Personal Future Plan.


Do the following steps in the exact sequence to complete the assignment. Use the standard templates provided for the relevant steps. Put headings and subheadings in larger fonts for each step and its components.
a. Do the STEEPL analysis. Provide references of the data that you use in your analysis.
b. Mention the relevant SDGs to you and to your personal domains.
c. Provide personal domains analysis and descriptions.
d. Do the personality test to identify your personality type and incorporate that in your planning.
e. Do personal SWOT analysis to identify your strengths and areas of improvement.
f. Describe/project the probable futures for each domain.
g. Describe/project the possible futures for each domain.
h. Do the futures triangle analysis and planning.
i. Mention the mission and vision statements. Make Vision statement for 2032 for both professional and personal life, encompassing all domains of life.
j. Develop the preferred future story, overall and domain wise.
k. Prepare the action plan to realize your future story.


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