People’s Association looks for social media platforms management help

The People’s Association (PA) is on the hunt for an agency to manage social media platforms for WeCare PALs, PA’s network of corporate and community partners who aim to create a caring and connected community in Singapore. According to Gebiz, the appointment will be for a year, and the appointed agency will be tasked with conceptualising and implementing timely communication and engagement activities. The tender will close at 4pm on 13 December 2021.

WeCare PALs’ social media platforms, Facebook and Telegram, are targeted towards its existing partners, as well as potential new partners who are keen to work with PA to give back to the community. To that end, the appointed agency is expected to ensure that WeCare PALs’ Facebook and Telegram accounts complement PA’s current branding and marketing efforts, and raise further awareness of the initiatives by the network. The agency is also expected to use the platforms to share on Government policies.

The appointed agency will be required to deliver up to 100 media buys per year and two posts per week for WeCare PALs’ social media platforms. It will also have to deliver up to 10 videos, which are no longer than three minutes each, during the term of its appointment. Furthermore, the agency will have to engage followers with a contest, giveaway or campaign every month, with up to five winners per contest. At least five of the proposed campaigns should have on-site activations, with up to 1,000 attendees targeted per activation.

The social media content has to include a mixture of posts that showcase successful collaborations with partners, interactive and informative posts – behind the scenes, interview clips, polls, broadcasts and videos – and other forms of publicity content that would encourage partnership with PA and create a strong audience following. The appointed agency also as to monitor the comments and private messages on the platforms and provide appropriate responses when necessary. This includes managing spam and abuse on the page.

At the same time, the agency will be required to provide monthly reports, which should include the growth and page reach of followers on WeCare PALs’ platforms, posts engagement, performance benchmarking against similar accounts, advertising and campaign performance and key learning points, among others. The agency should also provide PA with a calendar of monthly wall postings and campaigns, including engagement posts, write-ups and subtitles for posts and post captions.

Other responsibilities include managing ad spend for WeCare PALs’ Facebook account, conceptualising and adapting design for artwork pertaining to the social media content, and ensuring all social media activities are aligned with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Interested agencies should include a proposal in their submission, outlining how it would drive with followers and increase its current follower base to achieve at least 3,000 followers of Facebook and 380 subscribers on Telegram by the end of the contract period. The proposed team for the tender should include a project manager with at least five years’ experience in management, social media management and social media writing skills, while the designer should possess creative design skills and have at least five years’ experience designing for social media platforms.

Agencies will be evaluated based on price competitiveness, creativity and quality of the proposal in meeting WeCare PAL’s requirements, and the agencies’ track records for provision of similar goods and services from 2019 to 2021.


Work on the case given on WeCare PALS (above) using the FILAS approach (below) and evaluate the strategic promotion.

FILAS Approach


(Sentences, etc..that are coming from the article, there should be some (2-3) facts coming from the article).


(What do you think or your opinion of the facts. You need to relate your ideas to the scope of the given learning units. You can associate 1 fact to few 2-3 ideas)

Learning Issues/Question yourself

(What you do not know, that you need to know to solve/approach the problem. Ask questions to knowledge that you need to know.


(Where do you find the answer to your questions. They must be reliable sources coming from journals/books. Various sources of 2-3 references are necessary. This is in the form of references/citations

Solutions/Recomme ndations

(What you have found from your readings on previous references, Best practices from your findings)


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