8. A psychologist conducts a study to determine whether the number of teen pregnancies among high schools is related to whether the school offers daycare to their students.

Type of Study:

9. Sarah, a graduate student in psychology, just heard about a five-year-old child who has already learned calculus. She is thinking about doing an in-depth study of the child for her dissertation.

Type of Study:

10. A personality psychologist believes that people who are more aggressive are more likely to purchase sports cars than people who are less aggressive. To test this hypothesis, she visits local car dealerships and asks car shoppers to complete an aggression survey. Then, she observes what types of cars they purchase (sports car, sedan, SUV, or pickup truck). HINT: There are 2!

Instructions: For each research description below, identify the type of study (experiment, naturalistic observation, correlation, survey, or case study). (5pts)


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