Your task in this assignment is to develop your survey instrument. Please write your survey questions knowing that you will be using a mailed survey as your data collection method. You have to develop a 2-page survey (might be longer if needed, but no more than four pages) that utilizes closed-ended Likert-type questions (where appropriate). The survey provides a brief explanation of the nature and purpose of the research. When writing the questions, follow the principles listed in the Neuman and Fowler books (e.g., group the questions by topic, avoid or at least do not start with sensitive questions, avoid double-barreled questions). Ensure you have included all the survey questions needed to operationalize your main variables (dependent, independent, and control variables). To provide an example, I am sharing with you a survey developed by two colleagues of mine on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) and its expected effects on the financial reporting practices ain local governments. I hope this helps.


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