Recently there has been numerous protests in America and worldwide creating renewed awareness that BLACK LIVES MATTER.  This is an ongoing issue, but people are becoming more conscious daily about how racism is ingrained or endemic in our society. Specifically, limit your essay to the USA.

Write a 6 pages essay on SYSTEMIC RACISM in the USA.

PART A (one page)

What is systemic racism? Define the term.

You could briefly discuss areas in which it is evident. 

PART B (3 pages) You must add one visual graph/chart/

Choose ONE area (employment, health care, political power, education, criminal justice system, wealth) and provide several examples of how systemic racism is evident in the area chosen. 

PART C: (1-2 pages) (add another visual / graph if you could 

                                  but not   mandatory)                                

How can the USA help to dismantle systemic racism in the ONE area  you are writing on, or, what are some solutions?

Conclusion/Summary  (one paragraph)

Use APA style formatting


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