Read through the entire U.S. Supreme Court Case, which will be assigned to you by the end of the third week of class.  You will research the court case via the Barry University Library system.  The best search engine for U.S. Supreme Court Cases is LexisNexis or a similar type of legal search engine.  You may use information in the court case and information researched from academic authoritative journal articles to support your decision in picking the SCOTUS court case.  This assignment is worth 20% of your overall grade.


The due date for this assignment is Sunday by 23:55 EST or 11:55 PM.  Any assignment submitted late without prior approval by the instructor may not be graded, or maybe partially graded by the instructor.

The paper should be no less than 6-8 pages in length, using font size 12, 1-inch borders.  The cover page and reference page do not count.  Proper APA writing procedures should be used.

This assignment reflects the student’s ability to analyze a United States Supreme Court Case

Here is more of the rubric:

SCOTUS Case Study: Research & Summarize a US Supreme Court Administrative Law case. (Before you begin writing, please send me the case for my approval.) 

You must read the entire case.  US Supreme Court cases may be found at Other sources are found in the syllabus.

In your Case Study report, include:

Do not forget the Case name and citation, as well as the facts of the case (summarize the story behind the case… you are telling a story).
Do not forget the Lower court verdict: What court or courts heard this case before the U.S. Supreme Court (name each court and verdict).
Discuss the Petition before the Supreme Court:  What were the arguments for the plaintiff? What were the arguments for the defendant? What the plaintiff really wants is… In simple English, what does the plaintiff desire? The majority decision of the Court: what was the decision? What was the Supreme Court vote in the majority? What date for the majority decision? Which justices voted for the majority? Who wrote the majority decision? Describe the majority opinion. Were there any concurrent opinions written? By whom? How are the concurrent opinions different from the majority opinion? What was the Supreme Court vote in the dissent? Which justice wrote the opinion for the dissent? Describe the dissenting opinions.

Conclusion: Importance/significance of this case:

Did this case change/add to/take from the Constitution or any of the Amendments? If so, how?

Explain fully. Does this case remain relevant or has it been superseded by another case?

If it has been superseded, name the case and tell how your case changed the preceding case?

DETAILS: 8-10 pages, not including Title page, Reference page, and Table of contents. Cite Appropriately using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.


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