Your Constitutional Government in America textbook describes a number of issues that have been impacted by the Texas court system (criminal justice, education, environmental policies, and abortion).  Select one of these areas, and research each of the cases mentioned in the textbook, then post an initial thread (300 words minimum) that summarizes these cases and explains how this issue has been impacted by the cases you reviewed and how the issue has had an impact spiritually from a Christian worldview.
Make sure to format your content using Chicago writing style. If you utilize resources to support your writing content, you must include a bibliography citation at the end of your initial thread.
For more information about the Chicago Manual of Style, visit .
You are also required to respond to two peers’ posts. You are encouraged to respond to peers who have chosen a different area than you to research. Your responses should be substantive, which is more than an agreement or affirmation, but build upon the conversation your peers started with their initial threads. Responses should consist of 150-200 words each.


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