Task 1. Respond to the following questions/prompts related to the Grand Jury in Texas.

  1. How is this institution designed to protect the rights of criminal defendants in Texas, i.e, how does this protect people from government?
  2. What is the different between a true bill and no bill in terms of the defendant’s case?
  3. What is an indictment?
  4. How long do members of the Grand Jury serve?
  5. What are key two differences between a grand jury and petit jury in Texas criminal cases?

Task 2. Regarding the 6th Amendment to the US Constitution: List and briefly explain, in a sentence or two, two rights that are addressed and generally how they are protected in Texas criminal procedure. A sentence or two for each right will suffice.

Task 3. Briefly describe or explain three criminal activities that would allow Texas courts to award the death penalty. A sentence or two for each of the three will suffice.

Task 4. Regarding the 4th Amendment, how is separation of powers relevant to the issuance of search warrants? Briefly explain in a couple of sentences.

Task 5. Opinion. Briefly respond to the following. A couple of responding sentences, each, for both a. and b. will suffice.

  1. Should the death penalty in Texas be abolished? Why or why not?
  2. If you only had one choice…of the criminal activities that may lead to the death penalty in Texas, which one would you keep in tact, while removing all of the other activities designated as capital offenses? Why this one?


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