This is an analysis essay of Alice James’ Diary, however, there is a topic/theme for this essay and that is The Diary Subject. This is what my professor wrote that is sort of the prompt of this essay: “Scholars of life writing and the diary argue that autobiographical writers write in order to create a self (or selves). Is this claim accurate with regards to Alice James’ diary? How does James’ diary respond to the idea of self-narration as a self-construction?” An addition to this prompt is “what were her specific thoughts when she knew she was writing in her diary (self-awareness)? Along with reflecting with who she was before her diary writing and reminiscing her younger self, writing down her thoughts and feelings about it. How does Alice comparie and contrast to who she was throughout writing her diary?” She just wants us to answer these questions and look for examples to provide evidence. I would greatly appreciate it if you can email me whenever you have the chance so that I can email you the rest of the PDF files of Alice James’ Diary (since I was not able to add anymore files) and an article that my professor would like for us to use for this essay as well.


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