Topic: The Effectiveness of Transformational Leadership and job satisfaction during COVID-19 Pandemic: an application at a commercial bank in Malaysia

The effectiveness of transformational leadership in leading change in employee development during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Objective and aim of the study

1. To compare transformational leadership and transactional leadership
2. To analyze the effectiveness of transformational leadership toward employee engagement
3. To evaluate the effectiveness of transactional leadership toward employee engagement
4. To demonstrate the impact of transactional or transformational leadership toward better employee engagement

Research Question
1. What are transformational leadership and transactional leadership?
2. How do transformational leadership and transactional leadership relate to employee engagement in a bank in Malaysia?
3. Which form of leadership contributes to improved employee engagement in a bank in Malaysia?

Research Method: Quantitative and mixed methodology – get people to point of view of

Separate the dissertation (into different chapters)

1. introduction

2. literature

3. methodology

  1. present data (broken into different subjects)
  2. discussion
  3. Conclusion (research question to address)

Below is the link.

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