Assume that everyone in America has finally agreed that we must have universal health care in the United States within the next 3 years. You have been appointed by the President to recommend the best way to get there. Since you have studied an NHS (England), two NHIs (France and Canada) and the current US healthcare system, you must choose the best system to adopt for the United States from these 4 choices. (Realize that if you choose the current US system you will have to adapt it in some fashion to achieve universal coverage.)

The Assignment

Part 1: Outline the salient details of the System you have chosen and the pathway to implementing it. Describe the main advantages of adopting your choice and also discuss a few of the potential major pitfalls. Provide details about where the money will come from – taxes (type), insurance premiums, personal payments, etc. (In other words, how are you going to pay for it? How will the cost of your choice compare to that of the present system?)

Part 2:  Address how your choice will :

1) impact payments to hospitals and doctors,

2) affect payers – insurance companies, employers and current government insurance programs, and

3) change the way patients interact with the Health Care System. No one argues against the advantages of universal coverage, so don’t spend your time defending this idea. Rather, get into some of the details about how your Plan will work and, be better for America and her people.


Word limit: 2,200 words

You do NOT need to follow strict APA guidelines, but you must pinpoint precisely what specifically you drew from your reference(s) to support the points you are making. In other words, you must clearly provide a link between the reference chosen and the idea you expressed within the body of your paper. The APA reference format allows for this and I want you to use it to link your reference(s) directly to your text.  An example follows below.

Do NOT number pages, nor use a title page, abstract or Table of Contents. Do not use headers and footers or a running title and don’t place subtitles between sections of your paper.

The main things required of you are 1) write in complete sentences; no bullet point lists or sentence fragments. 2) Avoid an abbreviation unless you explain it to your reader the first time you use it. 3) Use proper punctuation and grammar – “Let’s eat, Grandma” and “Let’s eat Grandma” do NOT mean the same thing! Remember, you are not texting your BFF. Rather, you are writing a letter to the President of the United States – with references! 4) List your reference(s) under a “References” section at the end of the paper, alphabetized by the first author’s LAST name.

You must provide at least two (2) references in support of your paper. You may cite our textbook or any of the materials I have provided in the course. However, at least one of your references must be from a source in the literature that you have researched. You do NOT need a reference for each point you make but. provide at least two references as described above.

Examples of using references:  

Suppose you wish to use the reference below to support your paper:

Jones AR, Smith DA (2017) People are Still Crazy, Yo. Harvard Business Review, April-May, pp. 9 – 26).

And here is the author’s statement from page 17 of the article that you want to reference in your post.

“People who show their undergarments in pubic are generally assumed to be unstable, at the least.”

Some options for how to present this in the text of your post would be:

 A) You want to paraphrase the author’s comment but not use a direct quotation 

      According to Smith & Jones (2017), people who wear underwear in public are crazy. I think everyone agrees with that statement.

Many experts feel that people who choose to wear underwear out in public are unstable (Smith & Jones, 2017).

B) Suppose you wish to use a direct quote. Therefore, you must use quotation marks and give the page number where quoted words were drawn.                    

According to Smith and Jones, “People who show their undergarments in public are generally assumed to be unstable, at the least”. (2017, p.17)

In 2017, Smith & Jones proposed that “people who show their undergarments in public are generally assumed to be unstable, at the least.” (p. 17)

If you reference a webpage or internet source that doesn’t list an author, you may alphabetize the source in your list of references by the journal name (The Wall Street Journal) or website name listed ( Be certain to cut and paste the link into your reference so others may also find it.


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