You will be writing about the events which led to the Great Depression and how the New Deal helped rescue the United States. Your paper, outside of an introduction and conclusion, will focus on addressing the following points listed below: 

  1. What events/policies/actions from the early 1900s contributed to the Great 

Depression 2. What policies did Franklin Delano Roosevelt implement to turn the country 

around (provide examples of different agencies, policies, etc.) 3. What effect in both the short and long term did the New Deal have on the United 


Most of the information you will need for this paper will be found both in the reading and in our discussions in class. While you can complete this paper with 3 body paragraphs, feel free to elaborate and expand past that amount. Any outside sources you use make sure to cite accordingly (use footnotes, MLA format). For the paper itself, the following format should be followed: 


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