Subject: What is the significance of the Great Depression In the young, yet tumulus history of our great nation, U.S.A.

For the Research paper, you have to choose (only) one of the 2 topics and incorporate at least 1 leading idea from the topic selected. Bringing new Leading ideas to your paper (in addition to those required by this assignment) is highly encouraged, it will depend on your research.

The Great Depression represents one of the longest and hardest economic struggles in the country’s history. The crime was at a peak, and many different groups of people struggled for their livelihoods. The New Deal that arose from the Great Depression had profound implications for how the country was to handle poverty for decades to come, and the experience of the Great Depression influenced the U.S.’s role in World War II

Leading Ideas:

  1. Describe two to three major causes of the Great Depression. For each cause that you name, explain precisely how it unfolded, who the major players were, and how it led to the Great Depression. Weigh in with your view on whether the Great Depression was ultimately multiclausal or had one major cause.
  2. Write an essay analyzing Herbert Hoover’s role in leading to the Great Depression. Use your essay to reflect on the extent to which the president has power over and can be blamed for problems with the economy.
  3. Analyze the relationship between the Great Depression and crime in the United States. What sorts of crime rose and dropped most substantially during the Great Depression, and in what geographic areas were they the most pronounced? Why do you think crime was or was not substantial during the Great Depression, and what does this relationship teach you about crime overall?
  4. Explain Franklin D. Roosevelt’s approach to handling the Great Depression and particularly his architecture of the New Deal. How would you describe and account for Roosevelt’s way of handling the Depression? What were some of the political obstacles he faced in putting his ideas into action, and how did he handle these challenges?
  5. What was the role of women during the Great Depression? How did the Depression impact women differently from men, and what, overall, was the relationship between economics and gender during this time period?
  6. Discuss the different ways the Great Depression Played out in Different racial groups and communities. Postulate as to why these differences might have occurred and what they mean about the connection between race and economics overall

Topic 2 Civil Rights Movement

subject: How did the Civil Rights change the nature of the fabric of the American Society? U.S.

You will take on the role of a historian for this project. It will be your job to do some preliminary research (research done to generate background knowledge) and select 2 events from the Civil Rights Era that you think are the most significant to the success of the movement

Leading ideas:

A.    Why had black Americans been deprived of the right to vote? Once they did have the right, what measures were taken to discourage them from exercising it? How effective was the Voting Rights Act?


What did it take to change the system and the society? What were some of the tactics used by civil rights activists to bring about these changes?
How have race relations improved since the period under study? What were the main factors that led to these improvements? What improvements do you think are still needed?
Compare the Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson with Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. What are the similarities and differences?


E.     What was the role of media in Ushering the Civil Right Movement



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