In America in 2014, businesses are subject to many laws and regulations and must satisfy economic rules by earning a profit but must also obey the legal rules applicable to it. Recently enacted, or proposed, federal laws and regulations that affect who a business may hire or how those employees are treated. Research and write a paper on The laws/regulations in the United States related to the employment of transgender individuals.
7-10 pages, double-spaced (not including cover page, references, and exhibits) and include at least 7 bibliographic references, APA style. Provide citations, especially, in-text citations, must be concise and to the point, do not write about anything other than the topic
The following are areas to be covered.
1. The Legal/Ethical Issue to be discussed
2. The Applicable Legal/Ethical Rules
3. A Discussion of the Application of the Rules
4. A Conclusion
5. Recommendations for Managers
6. Clarity
7. Grammar/Spelling
8. Readability
9. Exhibits/Graphs
10. Bibliography


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