Pick a religion, preferably not your own. Then write two paragraphs. For the first paragraph, suppose you are studying that religion as a religious studies major. What would you ask about it? For the second paragraph, suppose you are a theologian defending that religion. What would you say about it? The goal of this assignment is to show that you know the difference between a religious studies major and a theologian.

Limit your answer to one or two sentences for each question. Here is an example. Suppose you are looking at Islam. In the first paragraph, religious studies student might ask what the meaning of the Ramadan fast is to Moslems. In the second paragraph, a Moslem theologian might argue why keep the Ramadan fast.

Your answer should be between 150 and 300 words. Assignment must be typed in MS Word, where you can check grammar and spelling. After completing your assignment in Word, save the document, then click on “Add a File” button to attach the file and submit your assignment. Keep in mind that only one file is allowed per submission, and only one submission is allowed.


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