Discussion 8: Integrative Approaches (Chapter 15)

Please provide an example of how one could effectively integrate at least three different theoretical approaches within a counseling session. In your discussion, please include elements of spirituality.
In your responses to peers, please include an additional theory that might apply to the scenario discussed.

Journal 8: Closing Remarks (Chapter 15)

In Modules 1 through 8, you will be required to write a Self-Reflection Journal that thoroughly answers the provided prompt (see below).  The purpose of the Self-Reflection Journals is for you to reflect on the Reading & Study material and assignments in the assigned modules to determine if you have learned something that has made a significant impact on your learning experience. Each Self-Reflection Journal must be at least 500 words to ensure adequate depth of reflection.
Please discuss the following items in your journal response:
1. What has been your most important take-away from this course?
2. What are 3 of your strengths that can be useful in the field of psychology?
3. As you end this course, what are the plans that you have for the future? –
4. How will you utilize these learning experiences to become more Christ-like?


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