The main purpose of this paper is to give you the opportunity to read a personal account of one person’s human services experience in the child welfare system. It is meant to augment and illustrate the theoretical concepts presented in class. When writing your reaction, please include the following: Share your initial reaction to the book: thoughts and reflections you had while reading it and immediately after. What did you learn about child welfare, families, and trauma in particular? What surprised you? Identify three of the stories that influenced you the most. Discuss what about these stories were significant to you. Relate these three stories to the concepts that we have read about and explored in class, in particular, but not limited to the Gaudin article. Be specific and cite references to articles and chapters assigned in class. Would you recommend this book to future students? Why? Why not? *Provide works cited page. Please & Thank you! Please look at the style of a written essay I have written, to get an understanding of my tone. The essay should be 3 pages, double spaced (12 point font). Times New Roman The paper will be graded on both substance and execution. The paper must be well organized, clearly written, structurally sound, and include clear and concise paragraphs that develop the major ideas. Always provide specific evidence for your argument and try to avoid grammatical, structural, or organizational mistakes. The book is attached along with other references that can help write this paper. Please cite all the information that you have used, including the PowerPoint (such as Raynor 2020) and article readings. APA Citation of the Book: Parent, M. (1998).  Turning stones. My days and nights with children at risk.  New York: Random House.


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