Answer the following questions using complete sentences:

1. Visit the Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institution website:

2. Browse the website. There are links in the dropdown menu, which include data about volcanoes that exist (or once existed) all over planet Earth.

3. Select one volcano and write a summary that includes the following information:

– Volcano name and location

– Volcano type

– Last eruption/volcano status (Is it extinct? etc.)

– Describe the geology of the volcano (including the major rock types associated with the volcano).

– Describe the tectonic setting of the volcano.

– Include other important information about your volcano.

– Include an image of your volcano.

Your discussion must include the following:

Your initial post should be at least 250 words.

Your discussion post must include a minimum of two sources where you found your information, using APA format.


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