APA Style, 3 Sources, 8 pages not counting reference page.

Topic: What happens to the mind when one is on drugs cognitively?
Must discuss:
1. Step by step behavior
2. Neuro Cognition/ Neuropsychology of the individual
3. Sexually Functioning, if diagnosed what treatments would be use?
Must include the story below in the finished paper:
My male gay cousin by the name of Franklin who is 43 years old. He went to school and graduated with honors. Worked for the IRS. Later he began working for TD bank of New York. He escalated fast becoming a branch manager for a new location. The bank uses him for television and billboard advertisements. He was the president of the LGBTQ community within the bank. He was on the fast track to making a corporate level at the bank. He was introduced to drugs. He became addicted to all sorts of drugs. Now he mainly uses crystal meth. One day while at work Franklin began hallucinating to the point that the bank staff had to call 911 emergency services to come and assist with his crisis. He was admitted to a psych ward. While at the hospital we found out he was HIV positive. He had known his diagnosis for many years but failed to share it with his family. Also, we found out he was into prostitution. He was working through a cellphone application use to hook up with random strangers who are willing to pay for sex and so much more. After losing his job I think he saw this as a way of making money to support his addiction. He has gone over more than half of the money in his 401k retirement plan. I see the suffering his mother goes through with him but with a hurtful heart I have distanced myself from him because he does not acknowledge that he is seriously ill and an addict who needs help.
Must use 3 sources from the Journals below:

1.  Journal of Learning, Memory and Cognition

2.  Journal of Behavior Neuroscience

3.  Journal of Neuropsychology

4.  Journal of Psychology Trauma

5.  Journal of Psychology of Consciousness


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