Consider the article: “Why Our Children Don’t Think There are Moral Facts” the article is also in DOC format under FILES, here’s a link: Why Our Children:Moral Facts.docx Steps to take:

(a) explain how the author’s critique of ECR is quite similar to the Rachels critique, and to Cornwell’s critique (examine/consider each separately).

(b) Build a case for how this piece offers a critique of ethical cultural relativism, identifying specific claims and steps of reasoning offered in the article.

(c) Then, consider the flip side: If a hardcore ECR-supporter were to argue back against the reasoning in the article, what are 1 or 2 counterarguments or objections she could make in support of ECR-?

(d) Lastly: now that you know more about strengths/weaknesses of ECR, evaluate/assess: in your view, which reasoning is stronger? MAKE SURE to give your reasoning, supporting examples/arguments.


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