For this discussion, you are to read the following article (click on Link (Links to an external site ) or look up information on Scott Thompson, former Yahoo CEO and answer the questions below. CHAPTER 8: False Information on Resume Brings Down Yahoo CEO Would you recommend that Thompson use a chronological, functional, or combination style resume for his next job hunt should he decide to work again? Why? Do you think Thompson’s resume inaccuracy was a careless error or was it done with the intent to deceive? Explain your reasoning. ***Your initial post should be no less than 75 words. Include information from the book, as well as credible outside sources (cite using the MLA format). Watch both of the following Shark Tank pitches by clicking directly on the video. Choose the one that interests you the most and re-create a stronger pitch (i.e., introduction and attention getter) for the selected video/product. Once you have re-created the “pitch,” record it in a video (1- 2 minutes) and post it as your initial post. Useful information can be found in your book from pages 321-323.


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