Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose an example of youth activism either from recent or historical examples (see (Links to an external site.) or (Links to an external site.) for possible ideas).
  2. Once you have selected an example, conduct web search on the following:
    1. What do these youth want to accomplish?
    2. What actions are they taking to achieve their desired outcome(s)? (Note that you will need to describe at least 2 actions they are taking in your initial post.)
    3. What impact is the action having? Why?

PART 1: Begin by answering all of the following questions:

Selected Example:

  1. Describe the example of youth activism that you chose (and include a specific link as a citation).  Provide some context to situate your answers to the rest of the questions.
  2. Based on the web search of your chosen example, describe what these youth want to accomplish.
  3. What are they doing to achieve their desired outcome(s)? Describe at least 2 actions they are taking towards their goal(s).
  4. For each action, describe what impact the action is having and why.

Youth Voice (Remember to draw on resources provided in this module to help guide and support your ideas here :)):

5. Describe what qualities, skills, circumstances or perspectives are unique to young people — whether today or in the past — and how might they help make their voices uniquely powerful.

6. What barriers might youth run into? What are some solutions to help overcome them?


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