The introduction writing of an essay about sports is very important because readers get to know about the main theme and key factors of the body paragraphs.

The topic of essay should be precise and well structured so that readers can have an idea by just looking at the main title.

Essay structure and its main content:

  • First of all write a good introduction about your chosen topic of sports. Add key factors and highlight the main theme in this paragraph.
  • Break down your body paragraphs into sub paragraphs and add advantages and disadvantages.
  • Add human health factor while mentioning the importance of sports.
  • Use famous quotes and stories about the sports.
  • Research some famous athletes and add some content about them, like their life styles and daily activities.
  • Now after writing body paragraphs make final conclusion and summarize whole essay into one paragraph.

Some tips:

  • Maintain flow in your essay, for example if you are writing about types of games then explain each of them one by one in proper order.
  • Make research about famous athletes and use their lifestyles and activities in your essay.
  • Add game rules and strategies of the particular sport you have chosen to allow readers to understand its process.
  • Add some history of the particular game you have chosen and show the background of that sport in detail.
  • Watch sports channels and add references of the famous clips and matches.
  • Relate human health benefits with sportsman activities and mention the diet charts or important food of sportsmen.

Types of sports:

There are various types of sports which you can add in your essays:

  • Cricket.
  • Basketball.
  • Hockey.
  • Baseball.
  • Football.
  • Tennis etc.


Sample topics:

  • Benefits of sports on human health.
  • The presence of women in sports.
  • Competition assures achievements in sports.
  • The importance of health-care of a sportsman.
  • Types of sports and games often played in winters.