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Finding credible sources for your research paper is vital to executing a quality piece. The quality of a source is determined by its credibility and dependability. Therefore, a source must demonstrate trustworthiness to be credible. Finding a trustworthy source is not easy, especially with the rise of misinformation (the presentation of false information as facts without any credentials) in online spaces. A key but often ignored attribute to finding a credible source is skepticism. Question everything until you arrive at a point of no doubt. A source is credible if it meets the following criteria:

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Credible Sources are determined by the purpose of the content

The purpose of content is to inform, persuade, or entertain. If you are writing something meant to inform the audience on a subject, you should make sure that your information is unbiased and supported by evidence. This ensures that readers trust what they’re reading and will be more likely to take action based on what they’ve read.

The goal with persuasive content is for people who are reading it to believe in what you’re saying enough to do something about it—whether that’s following an advice column or buying a product from an advertisement. If your goal for this type of content is persuasion, then it needs to be catchy enough so that people remember it after leaving their browser window open for several minutes (or longer).

Publication type also determines credible sources

There are a variety of publication types that you can use as sources for your research. Some of the most common ones include:

Sponsors or organizations that support the article

To be credible, research must be unbiased. A good way to make sure a study is unbiased is to check the sponsor of the research. If the sponsor is an organization you’ve heard of and trust, then you can have more confidence in what the study says. Sponsors may include private organizations, government agencies, or companies. It’s important to recognize that sponsors have a financial interest in the outcome of their research. If they find something that could hurt their bottom line (for example, if a drug has harmful side effects), then it’s unlikely they’ll publish this information as part of their report on their findings—they want people to read their papers, so that they can sell products!

Therefore, profit-first organizations may not be entirely a reliable source of information. Always be on the lookout for biased studies since the information they present may be skewed towards their areas of interest.

Credible sources are essential to making your work look professional.

Credible sources are the backbone of your work. They are your references, and citing them shows you did your research. This is vital to making your work look professional. In fact, if someone sees that you used credible sources but failed to cite them, they may be more skeptical of other claims in your research paper (such as assertions based on those sources). Citing sources is also an essential part of showing that you understand what those sources mean and how they fit together with other information available about the topic at hand. A citation links a reader directly to an online source through a link or a footnote/endnote number—and it also reminds them who wrote it, so they know whether or not they trust that person’s expertise on this particular subject matter.

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