A biography essay is a piece of writing in which you tell the life story of a person who has achieved some success in his life or made a great impact on society and culture. The person could be a figure in any aspect of life for example a politician, scientist or a musician. The purpose of a biography essay is to reveal and understand who that person was and his/her contributions to the society or world at large. Writing a good biography requires an intensive research into the subject matter (the person) to understand how they viewed the world and what inspired them. After carrying out the research about the person, it is good idea for the writer to develop a strong thesis statement under which the body of the biography will be based. The end of the essay should be backed with a conclusion which will assist in understanding the impact the subjects had to the world.

Choosing the subject of the biography

In order to have a great flow in your biography essay, you need to choose a famous subject to make it easier for you to carry out the necessary research about the person. There are numerous materials/resources available about famous subjects. The person you choose to write about should be one that sparks a great deal of interest to you. This will inspire excitement in you and make it easier for you to find out more about the subject.


This is a very important part in writing a biography essay. As a writer, you will need facts about your subject. Getting facts require an extensive research about your subject to get a clear picture of who they are/were and what they are/were all about. The more extensive the research into the subject matter is the wider the scope of the writer is in understanding the subjects. This opens the writer’s mind to various opinions about the subjects that can be supported by the facts gathered.


For a great flow of your essay, you should make an outline. The standard essay format should be put in mind unless instructed otherwise. Organizing your essay in the format of introduction, body and conclusion will help you understand which information to put where while writing.

Writing the introduction

The introduction part of your biography essay is the place where you need to engage your readers and spark some interest in them to continue reading your essay. There are many ways of getting your readers glued to your essay from the introduction.

Thesis Statement

Developing a thesis statement will help form a foundation for your biography essay. This part of your essay should be given the necessary weight that it needs since the rest of the essay depends on how it is crafted. This should a sentence or two at the end of the introduction.


The body section of your biography essay is where you lay all the facts you have gathered from your research about the subject. While executing this part of your essay, ensure that you stick to the thesis statement you had crafted earlier. You need to make the readers understand everything about your subjects with regards to the thesis statement, which makes up the theme of your biography essay.


While writing the conclusion, make sure you don’t make unnecessary repetitions. This is where you show the reader how your subject’s contributions affected the society and the modern world. You may also highlight their legacies, their relevance and major influence in the world today.

To make your biography essay more appealing, try and provide the less-known facts about your subjects. This is why it’s prudent to carry out extensive research to avoid settling for superficial facts.


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