Narrative essay is a type of essay which involves a story. The author starts with a story and the whole essay revolves around that story.

The narratives are of various types i.e. it can be a story of personal relationships, or from literature point of views and historical figures.


Main parts of a narrative essay:

Following are the main parts of narrative essay:

      1. Character or subject:

The characters of narrative essays involve people or person who is the main part of story or on whom the story is based upon. It can be an autobiography, a story of historical figure or narrative of personal relationships. These characters are actively present in the story and play main role in the essay.


       2. Main idea or theme:

There is a main theme involved for narrative essay. The theme is introduced in starting paragraphs and then explained further in detail in body paragraphs with facts and figures.


      3. Dialogue:

Dialogue means the conversations between characters of story or narrative. These dialogues show active voice sentences and are realistic based upon actual life.


     4. Tension:

In the body paragraphs, tension style of expression is used to get attraction of readers and make the narrative interesting.


     5. Climax:

When the body paragraphs are written, a climax strategy is used in which something extreme is going on, which has some moral or ending in the later paragraphs.


      6. Conclusion:

After writing all the main elements, the whole narrative is summarized in conclusion paragraphs with its findings and lessons for the readers.




  • First day in the hostel:

It was a Monday morning when I shifted in the hostel of university for preparation of exams. There were many students wandering here and there in the lobbies chitchatting and buzzing with each other. I came to my room and unpacked all my stuff and decided to take rest for a while before the classes begin.


The narrative essays are very important when you have to convey a message by telling daily life realistic stores. Using above main modules and parts, you can write an effective and interesting narrative essay.