A critical essay is basically a type of essay which is used to interpret and analyze specific text. Here the author makes a statement about some theme or idea, then supports that idea with evidences from authentic resources. He makes a judgment about the topic and then analyses it critically with finding all of its perspectives.

Characteristics and features:

A good critical essay has following characteristics:

  • There is a central theme or claim on the basis of which whole essay is written. The claim is basically an argument which is presented initially in the introduction and then many evidences are used to support it in the body paragraphs of essay. The evidences should be authentic, true, realistic and appropriate for the audience.
  • Now after making some claim, evidences are gathered from different sources and are presented in various forms to support the argument. The evidences can be gathered by surveys, on-line forms and research or by physical interviews. These evidences are presented in form of charts, statistics, figures or dialogue descriptions to make them attractive for reading.
  • The main body of essay is written which includes multiple paragraphs, each supporting different evidences and keywords mentioned earlier in the introduction.
  • After writing the whole body of essay, a conclusion paragraph is written to conclude the content with final remarks and findings.


Tips and strategies for writing good critical essay:

  • Read a lot of material before starting critical essay to collect enough data for your work.
  • While researching, make effective notes, highlighting the main and key points.
  • Use to the point statements and be brief on your topic. Don’t deviate from original path because it will lose the attention of readers.
  • Try to make an overview or outline before starting to get a map of your work to be written.
  • Proofread and review before finalizing your content to ensure its quality.


Sample topics:

  • Self -driving cars and their future.
  • The advantages of gaming on human health.
  • Is martial law important to maintain peace in a country?
  • Role of media in studies.